Real Estate in Miami

Real Estate in Miami

Real Estate in Miami

The potential of the real estate market in Miami is growing every year. This rise in power attracts more and more investors including Europeans. However, it is necessary to target specific neighborhoods regarding the type of investment that one wishes to make (short term, long term)

The Brickell area for Long Term Investment

Brickell is ideal for long-term investments. Quiet neighborhood compared to South Beach. Renowned for its office and skyline, it is appreciated for its comfortable side. As you can see it’s a stable neighborhood very interesting for a long-term investment.

The South Beach Zone for Short Term Investment

South Beach is famous for its beach and art deco district. Despite its strong attendance, it retains a certain authenticity. It is also the perfect place for the night events. South Beach is therefore a very dynamic area and a must for investors who want a strong profitability over the short term.

Photo By Alejandro Luengo

Downtown, a new real estate market

Downtown is the area that lists around 25,000 new homes. It is very interesting for its dynamism in real estate creation, can only be subject to an increase of its value in the times to come. It is essentially concentrated in luxury real estate.

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