Real Estate in Brussels

Real Estate in Brussels

Real Estate in Brussels

Between 2010 and 2018 the Belgian real estate market increased by 34%. The sale of apartments is successful in 3 key areas of Belgium: Wallonia, Flanders and Brussels. In fact, in 2018 around 30,000 apartments were sold in Belgium.

Our subject of the day focuses on the city of Brussels, capital of Belgium and European decisions.

Photo by Marius Badstuber

This city is experiencing a boom in property prices, but on the other hand, sees a slight increase in apartment sales. Indeed, Brussels is a relatively secure investment site since it ensures an increase in property prices. In addition, mortgage rates are very low while rental income is significant encouraging ownership. However these rates in the future are expected to rise according to some experts.

Brussels is a city whose financial investment remains very interesting for its ratio cost / benefit.

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